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A "Big Rig Drag Racing Tradition" Since 1981!

  Palmdale Rotary Club

Antelope Valley Sunrise Rotary of Palmdale



Wrightwood California

Los Angeles County Raceway
"Where it All Began"

In 1980 Jim Grogan who at that time was a supervisor with A.V. Aggregate, Jim ( a Trucker himself ) came to Bernie Longjohn with an idea "Let's Have a Big Rig Drag Race"... and from that idea a "Los Angelse County Raceway Tradition" was born.

After Jim and Bernie kicked the idea around for a while and knowing what "Big Heart's" Truckers have they deceided to do the race for charity and for kids so the relationship between the "Truck Drags at LACR" and "The Crippled Childerns Society" was established.

Next they had to call it something... but what? After input from friends and truckers and racers, one day Bernie said to Jim I have it! "That's When Bernie Coined The Phrase" "Truckin For Kids"!

To say the first race at LACR in 1981was not a huge sucess would be an under statement, with about 40 trucks and 300 spectators. But with "Great Supporters and Sponsors" like Bob Wilson Trucking, Talkington Trucking and 10-4 Magazine the drags flourished. A new promoter took over the Truck Drags in the early 90's and in 2001 for some reason deceided to end the relationship with "The Crippled Children's Society". But this year (2004) with a new promoter "The Greater Antelope Valley Chamber of Commerce" and a new name"BigRigs4Kids" a 24 year tradition of
"Big Rig Drag Racing" at "Los Angeles County Raceway"


Official Photographer


Official Web Host

  Tyrants SFV

Tyrants Car Club
Started In 1959

  Burbank Road Kings

Road Kings
Started In 1952

  California Highway Patrol

75 Years of


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